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Amy Scott, RSW, MSW, Clinical Therapist 
Amy's early training centered on child development at Centennial College - working with children and families addressing a wide range of needs and concerns. After years in the Child and Youth Work Field, she returned to academia to further her training in the Social Work Field at York University (BSW), and then specialized in Children and Family Counselling at the University of Toronto (MSW).  Amy is a Registered Social Worker in good standing with the College of Ontario Social Workers, and has worked for several different Mental Health Agencies within the Public Sector in the last 12 years.  Amy enjoys working with individuals of all ages, particularly, children, adolescents and young adults.  
Research shows that in order to maximize success rates, it is important to have the family's involvement when counselling children and adolescents. In her previous experience, Amy has seen the best results with families who are motivated to support the work being done with both children and adolescents. Here at Scott Counselling Services, we are motivated to work hard with you to develop counselling goals and actively work to achieve them.
Scott Counselling Services is also currently working in partnership with a local University, supervising and mentoring Bachelor of Social Work students as they complete their Practicum and transition into the professional Social Work field.